January 23rd 2009

On Friday 23 January, the Digicel Foundation handed over a state-of-the-Art Resource Centre at the Duckenfield Primary in St. Thomas. Executive Director of Digicel Foundation, Robert Neish noted that the aim of building resource rooms at the primary level is to help the Ministry of Education meet the 2015 national literacy and numeracy targets of 85 and 70% respectively.

The $3 million project involved the conversion and extension of a classroom into a resource room. Vice Principal of the school, Avis Gayle, noted that the resource room was being used to teach basic computer skills and to help those, who have difficulty reading.

“Hopefully, in the near future, pupils would be able to browse the World Wide Web and necessary research in a pupil-friendly environment,” further added Gayle.

Member of Parliament for Eastern St. Thomas, Dr. Fenton Ferguson lauded the Digicel Foundation for their generous effort in building the resource room for the school. “I firmly believe that it is education and training that is going to be that force that will move us out of poverty and move us into prosperity,” explained Ferguson in his greetings at the ceremony.

Grade 2 Students of the School gave a stunning performance at the Handing Over Ceremony with their newly composed song “Digicel wha mek yu come here to wi”

Digicel, wha mek you come here to we
Leave from town, come mix up with such as we
You know we need the help, so yu bring de help,
Digi stay here wid we
Digi never leave we

Digicel, wha mek you come here to we
We appreciate and we are grateful to you, you see
You bring technology, fi enlighten we
Digi stay here wid we
Digi never leave we

Digicel, we know why you come to we
Di new tings dem, dem help we fi learn yu see
All the computers and the learning kits
Digi yu matter to we
Yes yu matter to we

Digicel, we glad you come here to we
It’s the love you have in yu hear fi we
And we love you too, we give you all the praise
You a the bigger network
You a d better network


Located on Hampton Court, the room was equipped with 10 computers, a laptop, printer, television set, CD Player, DVD Player, a multi-media projector, interactive white board system, and a recording system,
The Duckenfield Resource Centre is one of ten such structures to be refurbished and equipped by the Digicel Foundation.